Criminal Defense

When a person is in need of legal services there are certain things they need: professionalism, confidentiality, and experience.

Common Areas of Defense Practice

Possession of CDS
Traffic Tickets

The Ben Sherrer Law office has been handling felony, misdemeanor and traffic matters for over 26 years and understands the needs of clients who need confidential and professional representation in a confusing legal process.

Resolution of Cases

While no lawyer or law firm can guarantee outcomes, the Ben Sherrer Law Office strives to give clients the best opportunity to be in control of the outcome through Probation, Drug Court, or Community Sentencing. This is accomplished by resolution of a cast majority of cases through negotiated plea agreements with the District Attorney that give the client the opportunity to have certainty and closure at a reasonable price.

Fee Agreements

Mr. Sherrer represents clients who are charged in Municipal and State District Courts based upon fee agreements with the client. The specific fee and retainer requirement is determined on a case-by-case basis. Upon inquiry Mr. Sherrer will provide a free, no-obligation fee quote for any traffic, misdemeanor, or felony matter.