Mr. Sherrer handles a wide array of probate matters, including Summary Administration probate proceedings. These are special proceedings which disposes of estates which have assets subject to probate less than $200K and no fight/disagreement among heirs of the estate.

Summary Administration proceedings are desirable due to their low cost compared to traditional probate and quick turnaround in 60-90 days. Most other probates may be completed in 6-9 months.

If your loved one passed away without a Last Will and Testament Oklahoma law provides for distribution of the estate to the heirs-at-law.  If your loved one passed away with a Will, the estate will be distributed as set forth in the Will.

Oklahoma has no Estate Tax.  The current Federal Estate Tax exemption is over $12 million dollars, so Estate Taxation is very rare.

Mr. Sherrer’s fees for most probate actions are billed at his normal hourly rate of $250/hr. Court costs, publication fees and miscellaneous costs in most probate actions are typically an additional $350-$500.

People are often confused and frustrated by the probate process – but it doesn’t have to be that way.

To determine if your matter is one in which a Summary Administration proceeding may apply, contact Mr. Sherrer for an appointment.  Telephone/Electronic appointments are available.